Area around Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica Safe?

My husband and I found a great little B&B (Domus Liberius) right next to the Basilica, but I've read that the area is sketchy. We are from a big city, so our idea sketchy might slightly different because the truly bad areas here are nowhere you want to be. Anyway, what' is the area like? I know Vittorio Emanuele has a bad reputation, which is only a few blocks away. I want to feel like my husband and I can walk back to our room at night without someone deciding to mess with the doofus Americans, and I don't want to blow most of our budget on accommodations. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to travel during the high season. Thank you so much in advance!

Posted by SamSn
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The area is perfectly safe and full of a lot of activity. There will be plenty of people around and there a lots of restaurants & hotels in the area should you need to pop in to a place if (although extremely unlikely) you feel threatened.

Posted by donna
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It's a safe area and close to restaurants and shopping. I wouldn't worry about it too much. All of Rome is safe so just take normal precautions against the pick pockets and you'll be fine. Donna

Posted by Roberto
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The unsafe areas of Rome are nowhere near the city center. Bad areas in Europe tend to be in the suburbs or the edges of the cities (opposite from the US). In Rome they are generally located along the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare, or Grand Ringlike Beltway), the circular freeway beltway that loops around Rome. In any case, someone who comes from Chicago would probably feel very comfortable even in the worst area of Rome or surroundings. By Chicago standards even Tor Bella Monaca is Beverly Hills. Some examples of areas to avoid (none are close to the city center where tourists go): Tor Bella Monaca Primavalle Tiburtino terzo Pietralata Magliana Ponte Mammolo Ponte Galeria Corviale
Laurentino 38

Posted by Norma
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About 20 year ago we stayed at a hotel close to Santa Maria Maggiore and it was perfectly fine, and last month I spent 2 nights again in the same area though not the same hotel and I was delighted to find the neighbourhood still so pleasant and convenient.

Posted by Amy
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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback and feel much better about our choice now.