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Archeology Museum in Naples

We have a car for visiting Pompeii and the Archeology Museum in Naples. What's the best way to get to the museum? Is it drivable from Pompeii, or are we better off leaving the car at a metro station and taking the metro in to the museum. I see there is a metro stop close to the museum. We didn't plan on seeing much else in Naples. I figured that Pompeii and the museum would be a fairly full day.

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Are you staying in Sorrento? If so you don't need a car. We did this by train 2 years ago. Take the Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii. Then take it to the Naples train station, and the Metro to the museum.

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Mike is right. There is a metro stop close to the museum. But, try to take some time to see the bay of Naples; you won't regret it! After seeing Pompeii, you might be disappointed by the museum, but that's only my opinion.

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Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drive in Naples. Many Italians avoid driving in Naples - it's chaotic. Take the train to Pompeii and Naples and save the driving for exploring the coast.

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You don't want to drive in Naples, for the reasons given by SamSn. And you don't need to drive in order to do what you want to do. Driving in Naples is not like driving a rental car here; if this does not make sense to you, it will if you try this.

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Margaret - I agree with all the postings here. DO NOT drive in Naples. Our last driving experience in Naples almost led to DIVORCE.

Let me give some gory details. First we made the mistake of coming into town at 5:00 PM. Traffic everywhere. Next we came in on Via Amerigo Vespucci, the main drag. It's an UNLINED cobblestone road that will pound you to death (big cobblestones).

Traffic is either three cars wide-or 6. Neopolitans drive "door handle to door handle," lterally touching! We got to a red light and were 3rd in line on roughly an 8-lane road. The first car looks - and jets across the intersectin, runing the light. 2nd car does the same thing (Realize this is a crossing of about 12 lanes of traffic, 8 & 4). Now we're 1st and people behind us start honking because we're not running the light!

Nope, we've driven all over Europe, but my wife will not drive in Naples again! Trust these postings - save your marriage and your sanity!