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Appropriate Clothing for Hiking Amalfi Coast???

My wife and I are going in April to the Amalfi Coast and are planning on doing some extensive hiking. Previously on trips to Italy, we have worn the Rick Steve's "uniform" (kahki pants, collared shirt,etc--trying to avoid being the ugly American). However, was wondering if shorts would be appropriate for hiking/day triping since it is on the coast, and people might expect that??? Anyone that's been hiking or to the reigon recently have some advice???
PS. Any other advice--especially on "must dos" or great places to eat would be welcome also! Thank you very much for your time.

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No one cares what you wear. But you'll want comfortable hiking shoes and rain gear if rain is possible. Otherwise, wear shorts!

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seriously. no one cares what you wear. The Amalfi Coast is a beach area...people walk around in beachy cloths, not formal wear ;-) That said...check the weather before you leave!! The last April I spent in Positano, I mostly wore a turtle neck and denim jacket...even broke out a scarf and gloves I think at one point. April can be CHILLY...even if it is warm and sunny during the day, it will be chilly at night - I, honestly, do not think April will be shorts weather! According to, the average high temp. in April is only 64f...and the average low is 46f.

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Have you found a good resource for the hikes available in the area? My husband and I want to do the Sentiero delgi Dei (Path of the Gods) or the Capo Muro from Praiano to Postiano. However, I am having trouble finding much information online.


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It's true. Even those of us who subscribe to the "avoid shorts" rule know that it does not apply to hiking. (It doesn't apply to beach resorts either.)

So go for comfort and have fun!

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Pete there are so many tourists along the Amalfi Coast I doubt you will stand out regardless of what you wear. Comfort is king!

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Pete - wear whatever is comfortable on your hikes. Enjoy - you will be in gorgeous country!

Laura - there is a website with maps of the extensive trail system on the Sorrentine Penninsula. It color codes them for difficulty. I'll see if I can find that site and be back with a link.

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We also are planning on doing a lot of hiking on the Amalfi Coast in April. Would I be better off with light-weight water resistant hiking shoes or will I be fine with my regular athletic shoes which are lighter and more comfortable?

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A great resource for hiking on the Amalfi Coast is "Sorrento - Amalfi - Capri Car Tours and Walks" by Julian Trippett, published by Sunflower Books in the UK. We had to order it from the publisher as it is difficult to come by in the US. It has detailed descriptions of over 70 hikes in the area with maps, and tips and suggestions. We'll look for you on the trail as my husband and I will also be hiking in the area in April!

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Thanks to all who have replied.

One last thing I have stumbled on is a great website for maps/hiking on the Sorrentine peninsula/Amalfi Coast. Great maps/descriptions and elevations. He is a local guide, and provides a lot of good guidance.

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I don't understan why so many people are worried about being spotted as an "ugly American".Regardless of what you wear, you WILL be spotted as American. It's not just the clothes would give you up. There are many other things.
However, I don't believe RS is right about his uniform, khaki pants and collared shirt. This what Europeans actually don't wear. Men wear a straight leg pants made of a thinner fabric and shirts. Unbelievable some Europeans, especially the young ones, wear jeans and t-shirts, but they are just of a different quality, fit and mostly logoless.This is something many people don't understand.

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Hello, I'll say it again. Dressing appropriately is not a disguise or a trick, it is a measure of respect.

If you really must frame this discussion in terms of personal benefit, (although I would encourage you NOT to) it is the difference between being spotted as a respectful American tourist (which is OK, 'cuz that's what you are) and a boorish American tourist.

With that said what is appropriate for hiking is different from urban strolling. Of course. I'm not commenting on that--just this odd misconception that when people are concerned about being appropriate it's because they want to hide their nationality. For some reason our American paradigm that "individual expression is paramount" leads to this incorrect conclusion.

I hope it doesn't appear that I'm picking on anyone-- this is what I learned from travel. As a slobby Northern Californian, I didn't know it before I went to Europe either.