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Apple Pay vs. euros/credit?

I have just returned from ten days in the UK where Apple Pay was ubiquitous and, I was surprised to find, in most places preferred over both cash and credit cards — not just in London but also in small towns in Yorkshire, in Cambridge, etc. I was happy to find this as ApplePay is much easier to use than cash and credit. I am headed to Rome, Florence and Assisi in two weeks with my daughter and wondering if travelers in this contact-free world are experiencing the same thing in Italy, or if I should plan on using primarily euros and credit. I used barely any of the GBP I brought to the UK.

Thank you for any assistance, especially from those who have been to Italy in recent months.

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The use and acceptance of electronic wallets (Android/Google, Apple, Samsung) is ubiquitous throughout Europe.

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As long as you see that wireless symbol on the POS terminal, you can use Apple Pay. I use it a lot here in Italy.

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I need to set up my Apple pay then, as well. Never used it here in NC but I guess it would be very convenient while traveling.

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I used Apple Pay throughout Italy when I visited in December-January. No problems at all.