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Apple Pay/Google Pay

My niece is doing a travel abroad program in Italy this summer. She was curious if Apple Pay and Google Pay are generally accepted

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When we were in Italy and Switzerland last September with our adult kids and young grandchildren, the “kids” paid for everything that was their share with their Apple watches.

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Yes. Both are generally accepted in Italy.

However, I find it practical to withdraw a few Euro notes to buy bottled water, snacks and so I can drop a coin into a donation box that some churches, cathedrals and museums might have.

I’ll also use Euros at street food markets, especially in smaller towns.

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On my last trip to Italy in Fall 2022 I used ApplePay all the time, including 3€ gelato. No one batted an eye when I held up my phone and asked Apple Pay?. They just held up the terminal.

In UK last year I noted that a lot of churches had converted donation boxes to be able to use Apple Pay! Also used it in the bathroom at the Amsterdam Centraal train station, lol.

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I’ve just finished the RS family tour - London, Paris, Burgundy, Levanto, Florence. I’ve used Apple Pay on my watch for everything - admissions, meals, snacks, bottles of water, toilets. The only thing I needed cash for was to pay our tour driver for drinks we consumed onboard the bus. So much easier!

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Yes, I have used Apple Pay extensively throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scotland and England. In fact on this past 5 1/2 week trip to England, I used it every single place.

In UK last year I noted that a lot of churches had converted donation boxes to be able to use Apple Pay!

What Pam said—that made donations so much more convenient! I will say there were a few churches without them that were pretty tiny and probably don't have the resources to get donation boxes. Because I had no cash I was not able to leave anything; well, except for one, where I left a $5 bill. It was all I had and I figured it was better than nothing. :-)

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Basically any terminal (which is nearly all of them) that is "Tap" capable, accepts payment by phone, it is the same technology. The only caveat is that the vendor has to accept the type of card your payment is linked to, so MC or Visa best, AMEX hit or miss, Discover just a miss.

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"What Pam said—that made donations so much more convenient!"

Honestly "they" got me to donate more because I wanted to reward them for having the ApplePay option. At York Minster they also had donation terminals OUTSIDE so if you were just walking by you could donate. Yes, I used those too. Mardee, did you go in that small church by the Chillingham cows tour? They did not have a contactless option and fortunately Mark had some cash. I would think it would be safer as well to have the cashless option - I have know idea if those donation boxes are broken in to.