anyone have the perfect place to spend a night in ROME before early flight

hi all looking for a place to stay for one night before an early flight back to the states----------near FCO-----perhaps with a transfer to the airport thanks

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Park Hotel Isola Sacra, about 3 kms from the airport. Shuttle to airport is €6.

Posted by Lexma
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When given the choice of a hotel in Rome vs. one out by the airport, no matter how early the flight, I would much rather spend a lovely last evening in Rome. If the flight is early, then the early-morning trip to the airport in a taxi will be easy and relatively quick.

Posted by annette
scottsdale, arizona
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si si this is true we will be arriving from brindis to fco in the afternoon -and yes i see where a taxi ride to and from for another night in rome is worth it-any suggestions for a one nighter?
many thanks

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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annette, How "early" is your flight? Is it a direct flight to the U.S., or transiting another E.U. airport? If you want to stay in Rome, you might try Hotel Sonya. It's an easy walk from the hotel to Termini, where you can take the Leonardo Express to FCO. If you'd prefer to stay closer to the airport, the most convenient hotel that I know of is the Rome Airport Hilton. It's right AT the airport, and you can walk directly from the hotel to the Terminals via a covered walkway, which also has "moving sidewalks" (when they're working). That won't be the cheapest option, but it will likely be the most convenient. Happy travels!

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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I think the very early flights are to other European airports for connections to the U.S. I would rather take a direct flight from FCO to the U.S. @ 10:00 to noon and make a transfer in a U.S. airport later in the afternoon. When I have to get up at 3:00 a.m. for the 6:00 a.m. flight, sleeping the night before is just about impossible. It's bad enough getting used to the time change when going West.
For the early flights, many people get their hotel to summon a taxi from a reliable taxi company. With no traffic, it's about a 30:00 minute ride.

Posted by ekc
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Annette, we stayed and B&B Al Centro di Roma and really enjoyed it. GREAT location, simple, very clean and inexpensive. The owners of the tiny B&B (only 3 rooms) can arrange a taxi for you.

Posted by annette
scottsdale, arizona
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thanks-------will check that out-----our flight leaves at 9am--annette

Posted by Roberto
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9am is not that early.
Stay downtown Rome. It's only 30 min. to the airport by taxi with no traffic (and there is no traffic early in the morning, since it's reverse commute direction)

Posted by MM
San Diego, ca, usa
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Hello All, my flight is 7am and I stay in the vicinity of St. peters. How early I should leave to take taxi to FCO and which taxi company is reliable?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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7am must be a EU flight. For EU flights, you must have completed the check in procedures and have a boarding pass in your hands 45 min. prior to departure. The check in closes 45 min prior to flight departure. Being at the airport in line at the check in 75 min prior to departure is adequate. That will give you 30 min. to go through the check in line and consign your baggage before the close the check in for that flight. Then you have 45 min. to go through security and walk to the gate (way more than you need). From the Vatican area to the airport, that early in the morning is no more than 30 min. by taxi. So if you leave the hotel at 5am (2 hrs prior to departure), you'll even have time to spare and have a cappuccino and brioche at the bar.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Taxi in Italy are all independent licensed operators, are not companies like in the US. They are part of cooperative companies of which they are owner partners, they are not employees. The Coop. companies provide administrative services and other supporting services to the independent partners of the cooperative company (such as radio dispatch service and other administrative services), but all drivers are independent owners. The flat fee from/to the airport has been set by the City of Rome at 48 euro one way. There might be small additional charges for baggage and such. This is the list of all coop companies in Rome, the top two are probably the biggest (the number next to the name is the telephone no.): Coop. Autoradiotaxi Romana 063570 Radio Taxi 066645 coop. Samarcanda 065551 Consorzio AssoTaxi 19941.40.41 soc. La Capitale 064994 soc. Tevere 064157
soc. Cosmo 0688177