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Any tips for Bari?

I have 5 days in between work gigs in Munich, and I have got to get to Italy!!! I'm thinking of Bari, because I have never been there. Any tips on hotels, restaurants, sites, anything at all...? Thanks.

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Let me quote the 1st sentence out of the Lonely Plantet guidebook; " Bari is an exasperating city, chocked with traffic, full of noise and fury, and reassuringly commercial." Or how about the Let's Go guidebook; "In the confusion reckless drivers zoom about and pickpockets dart down alleys. Occasionally called dirty and inefficient, Bari does not figure prominently on most itineraries......" So........after reading this we decided to stay the heck out of Bari, and the more recomended towns in Puglia. We split our 8 days in Puglia between a base just north of Bari(Giavanazzo, on the water) and then spent our last three days in Lecce,(neat inland town) exploring the southern part of Puglia. Pick up some guidebooks and do some reading, and then head for the towns in Puglia that sound good to you!

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Thank have saved me dissapointment!