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Any flexibility on travel times for Trenord tickets?

I've gotten used to Trenitalia's flexibility on departure times with Regionale fares (OK to leave up to 4 hours after time printed on online ticket). Does this same flexibility extend to Trenord fares in the Milan region (e.g., between Milano Rogeredo and Certosa di Pavia)? Or can one only travel on the exact specified train for which the ticket was purchased?


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Trenord tickets are valid 6 hours after you validate from Milan to Varenna for example

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From the English version of the Conditions of Carriage:

Validity of new tickets
Ordinary tickets and multi-ride tickets subject to validation do not expire if not validated.
Tickets that are not subject to validation (e.g. print@home tickets) have a validity defined
by their commercial characteristics. Tickets do not guarantee an allocated seat. Ordinary
tickets and individual multi-ride tickets, once validated, have hourly validity depending on
the number of kilometres travelled, as specified below:
• from 0 to 50 km, equivalent to 3 hours;
• from 51 to 200 km, equivalent to 6 hours;
• over 200 km, equivalent to 24 hours.

Milano Rogoredo to Certosa di Pavia appears to be about 20 km, so the 3 hour rule would apply.

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