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Any fellow Canadians who have recently travelled to Italy?

Hi All,

First off, wanted to say how amazing this forum is - it is such a wealth of first hand experience!

Had a couple questions for any fellow Canadians (esp from ON) that have recently made the trip to Italy. We are hoping to go in Oct, and are wondering if a) the ON proof of vaccination is as readily accepted as the CDC vaccine cards and b) if anyone who has received a Pfizer/Moderna mix has run into any trouble?

We were planning to take some rapid tests as a backup in case we had issues with our vaccine mix, but thinking that may be overkill.

Thank you so much in advance!

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We are from Ontario and just returned from 3 weeks on Italy this past Monday (1st day that government dropped quarantine on return to Canada for fully vaccinated Canadians).
The 'green pass', i.e. proof of full vaccination came into effect in Italy for indoor dining etc, at the end of our trip. We found the Ontario print out was accepted, and the people inspecting it, seemed to be familiar with it. You should be prepared to show picture ID as some places will want to check your name against the print out.

We had a wonderful time, so I hope you enjoy your experience as much as we did. Our itinerary included Calabria, the island of Ischia and Rome. It was our seventh trip to Italy.
Of note, the Canadian ArriveCan app is a bit of a pain, but it is essential that you either create an account before you leave or before you return. It is too bad the app does not allow the uploading of vaccination when the account is created. you cannnot upload the necessary information until 3 days before your return flight, which can be tricky depending on where you are/how tech savvy.

In any event, I hope you have a wonderful time. Buon viaggio !

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I'm heading to Italy in September and was also worried about whether Italy would accept the Ontario proof of vaccine. Thank you for advising that you didn't have issues with it.

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Thank you Stephanie9 for your information. I did not know about the Canadian ArriveCan App. I will look into this. I also would like to know when you arrived in Italy did you have the Digital Passenger Locator form filled out, and was it requested?

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Thank you Stephanie for sharing your trip experiences! Happy to hear that you did not encounter any issues with the ON proof of vaccine. Did you find that in the places you went you were asked for both slips, or was the slip showing proof of a second dose enough?

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Thanks for the information. We are holding on to the very faint hope we can go to Rome for a week in October. Any and all practical info is welcome.