Another airplort close to Sorrento

What other airport is close to Sorrento (besides Naples) that we can take back to the US. I see some flights from Naples to the US but am not liking the times and am wondering if we could possibly fly out of another somewhat nearby airport.

Posted by Ed
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The next closest will be Rome. Here's a link to the internationals if you want to fiddle with it, but you won't find anything.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Patricia, As Ed mentioned, Rome / FCO is probably your best bet, as there should be good availability of flights (better than Naples). It's only a short ride from Naples to Rome via Freccia train, so it should be easy to accomplish (unless you book a flight really early in the morning). Happy travels!

Posted by Larry
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The flights out of Naples are to other airports where you will transfer to your International flight back to the U.S. United/US Airways flies out of Naples for Munich at 6:30am. Delta does a frog-hop to Rome-FCO at 7:00am. You can get later flights out of Rome-FCO. Are you considering getting from Sorrento to Naples airport or FCO on the same morning as the flight? If yes, be careful. Sorrento is 3hrs from FCO terminal #5 and on the worse days at FCO, you will need 3hrs to go through security. Naples airport is 1.5hrs away. Public transportation doesn't run that early so you would need to hire private transportation to make it on time. I would suggest that flying out of Naples at 6:30am or 7:00am would be better than trying to get to FCO. As a side note, my wife and her daughter have a 6:30am flight out of FCO this October. They will be spending their last night in Rome and taking an early taxi to the airport.