Angel Tours in Rome OR Any recommendation for Tours in Rome ?

I was looking at some organized tours in Rome and Venice. I was looking to see if anyone had any good experiences with Angel Tours in Rome ? I am also looking for other recomendations for tour guides in Rome .

We mainly want to see the Vatican and the Roman Forum & Colosseum tours ......


Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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We used Angel last June. Young art students with a great deal of enthusiasm that makes up for a little less professionalism or smooth. You get the idea that they really like do this. Would use them again

Posted by Leslie H
Northborough, MA
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We are tentatively booked with 3 Millennia Tours for a Vatican City Tour.

If anyone has feedback on 3 Millennia or comparisons between them and Angel Tours, I would welcome that feedback.

We're planning to use Rick Steves' Audio Tours, via our iPods, for the Forum and Colosseum.

Posted by Deborah
Oakland, CA, US
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We had a marvelous tour of the Forum & Coliseum using Through Eternity Tours. They also have the Vatican tour as well as a couple of others. Our guide, Ann, was very knowledgeable, enjoyable and generous with her time. Should we find ourselves in Rome again, I would take their Vatican tour. Eat a good breakfast before you go -- it's a long tour in the Forum.

Oakland, CA

Posted by Helen
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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I used Angel tours for the Vatican tour last year and found them great. I liked the relaxed style and found our guide knew his stuff without being the "slick, done it a thousand time before" type. Others in our group had done the Colosseum tour and really enjoyed that too. They do a free Pantheon tour each night (about 5pm I think).

Posted by Deborah
Tualatin, OR, USA
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We did the Venice/Florence/Rome RS tour last spring and while in Rome, a guide by the name of Francesca gave us a tour of the Colessium and Forum. I would highly recommend tracking Francesca down. She's in the RS book under Guides. She really made the Colessium come to life for us and was the BEST guide we had on the whole trip. She is Italian but had an American mother, so she speaks fluent English with just a slight accent. She was fun, interesting, upbeat and wanted so badly for you to understand and love her Rome. I don't recall which tour company she is with, but she is listed in the Rome book.


Posted by Linda
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We were in Rome last year and we had a tour set up by our hotel and it was with Roman Tours. We were very impressed with the knowledge of our tour guide. She was an art history major in college and her name was Claudia. We are going again this year and we have the same tour set up to take our 16 year old son. I would have preferred to wait a few years to do the tour again, but the situation as it is means we do the Vatican again this year.

Posted by Barry
Coalgate, OK, USA
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We used Angel Tours for the Vatican 2 weeks ago. They were Fantastic! The guide we had, Laurie I believe her name was, was excellent. She was very knowlegable, fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend them any time.