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Andrea Bocelli streaming live Easter concert in Milano Duomo

This should be good - just Andrea and an organist getting special access to the Milano Duomo. Will be shown on YouTube. Easter Sunday 6:00 pm UK time. More info here

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Just wanted to bump this thread up - it is today at 1 pm EST. Looking forward to it!

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Thank you, Kathy. That was a balm for my soul, though I teared up at Amazing Grace.

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The scenes from around Europe really drove home the fact that this virus is indeed a pandemic. Still trying to wrap my brain around this crazy Covid 19. But Andrea was superb, as usual.
Stay healthy.....

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We watched the rebroadcast. As people have said, seeing those empty cities and streets is very moving and his heartfelt performance was so haunting. Thanks for recommending this!

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I’m watching it for the third time - once live and then a repeat and another.

Don’t worry if the YouTube logo stays on a long time. The broadcast starts after some time.

Thanks for the link Kathy H.

Does anybody know anything about the two large silver bishop or pope statues? The bishop between the two performers intrigues me.

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So glad everyone enjoyed this. I thought it was very moving, especially the Ave Maria and Amazing Grace. I've had the privilege to be inside and on top of the Milano di Duomo, so it was nice to see it again. The empty streets in the towns made me sad, but it's necessary in these times. Oh, I cannot wait to be able to go back to Italy!

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I’ve worked out that the left hand one, like a Pope with the precious stones, is St Ambrose.

I still can’t make out the other.

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What a profound message of hope delivered through the healing medium of music.
With all the ugliness that abounds there is also hope, beauty and human spirit.
Bravo to Andrea Bocelli for his message

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Thank you for sharing! I saw him live before, but this is very enjoyable as well.

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I watched this on YouTube last night. There were over 35 million people who watched it before me.
A news article that I saw said that some PBS stations were showing it this week.