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An offer to anyone who need's Rick's Italy 2007

Don't know what to do with your tour book after you return? Neither did we. So I am making this offer.

I have Rick's Italy 2007. I will send it to you AT MY EXPENSE! What's the catch? You must promise me that when you are finished with it, you will make the same offer as I am making - you will send offer to send it to someone else AT YOUR EXPENSE and make them promise to do what I am asking you to promise me. At some point, nobody will be interested and in that case, the last person can just throw it away.

The book is torn up. We pulled out each of the sections - Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence, etc. so I could carry the section in my pocket and not drag around an obvious "tourist here" sign every place I went. So the section pages are together but not in the book. It was wonderful not having to carry around a brick.

You might want to compare it to the 2008 book at your library to decide if it is worth it and possibly just write in changes in prices, hotels, etc.


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John, I tore my book up to and then disposed of the pages of the areas as we left them. I had read hear that someone had done it and followed their suggestion. My husband was upset that I tore the book apart, but I was trying to travel light.

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I am about ready to tear up the book and would like to have yours and promise to do as you ask. ruby barr
1046 overhill rd, bessemer, al 35022

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I am going to Florence and Rome in April...Never been to Europe before so could use all the help I can get. Let me know if you still have it

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The bad news: I already promised it to someone locally who is coming to pick it up. Sorry. I think it would be great if others would consider doing something similar. Tour books depreciate almost as fast as computers and fresh fruit.

The good news: I have an almost perfect copy of Paula Frommer's Italy. PM me if you are interested.

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I keep all my RS books as future guides or references. I zerox the sections I want to take on trips and throw them out as we go. That way I don't have to tear up my books. Yes, the sleeping section or restaurant section may be out of date as the years go by but not much else.

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I just don't see the sense in ripping out pages to travel lighter...after all, how much exactly does 1 page weigh???

BTW, my wife does it, too and it drives me crazy!

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When my wife suggested it, I had a cow! Ruin a perfectly good book? Just to avoid carrying it around?

Then we tried it. No longer did I have to carry around a book (and flash "TOURIST" everywhere I went). Now I had two hands free. Now I didn't have to worry about something that starts off at half a pound and mysteriously transforms into a ten pound weight by the end of a day. Freedom!

Of course, I only reluctantly admitted she MIGHT in this ONE CASE have come up with a MODERATELY USEFUL idea. Then she hit me with the book!

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Oh, the Frommer's book is now promised to someone who PMed me. She will post its availability when she gets back (or suffer from "Caesar's Revenge").