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Ambiguous reservations in Rome

I finally found a convent to stay at in Rome, but I'm not sure whether or not I have a confirmed reservation. After I sent my initial email, she emailed back and said she was "glad to confirm" and then listed all the different types of rooms she had. I told her which room I would like, but I have never gotten a confirmation back (emailed again last week). Does this mean I have a reservation? Most guest houses email an official confirmation. I don't want to assume I have a reservation and then find out I don't when I get there. As a single woman traveling alone, Rome is the last place I want to be out looking for a place to sleep!

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Hi Jen, maybe call them and confirm that way? I agree with you that Rome is the last place I'd want to be wandering alone trying to find a place to sleep!! but at least if you call them you don't have to wait for a reply and worry about it. Calling Italy is really inexpensive using a mass-market phone call like you can get in Target, Walmart, etc. good luck!

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Rick has a section on negotiating hotels in Italy in his book; I think its in the appendix. To my interpretation, "glad to confirm" was an unfortunate choice of words and what she really said meant was what she had available and is waiting for you to choose one and make a deposit. But I could be wrong ...