Amalfo Coast HELP

Hello! So I will be travelling to Italy in September and my itinerary is posted below. I have dedicated 2 and a half days to the amalfi coast however I am unsure as to where to stay. I really would like to see the town of Amalfi as well as Positano as Ive heard the views are lovely between the two. I was originally thinking Sorrento but I'm mainly going for scenic purposes and in that case I'm thinking Positano and a day trip along the Amalfi. I could also maybe do a day trip to Sorrento if need be. I guess I'm a little confused as to where to situate myself and what to do for 2 days. If anyone could give me a little advice I would be extremely happy! Friday Sept. 6th- Leave-Dedicated to travel Sturday Sept 7th- Day 1: Arrive in Milan, sleep in Milan Sunday Sept. 8th- Day 2: Milan, sleep in Milan Monday Sept 9th- Day 3: Milan to Venice, sleep in Venice Tuesday Sept 10h Day 4: Venice, Sleep in Venice Wednesday Sept. 11th- Day 5: To Florence, sleep in Florence Thursday Sept.12 - Day 6: Florence, sleep in Florence Friday Sept 13th - Day 7: Florence, Sleep in Florence (Day trip to Pisa) Saturday Sept.14th - Day 8: Flroence, Sleep in Florence (Day trip to Siena) Sunday Sept. 15th- Day 9: Florennce, Sleep in Florence Monday Sept.16th- Day 10: Amalfi Coast (OR Sorrento), Sleep in AC Tuesday Sept. 17th- Day 11: Amalfi Coast, Sleep in AC Wednesday Sept 18th- Day 12: Amalfi Coast (Day trip to Positano) Thursday Sept 19th Day 13: To Rome, sleep in Rome Friday Sept 20th Day 14: Rome, Sleep in Rome Saturday Sept 21st Day 15: Rome, Sleep in Rome
Sunday Sept 22nd Day 16: Rome, fly home- Dedicated to Travel

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I fell in love with Sorrento on a trip there in February. It's on the local train route from Naples, easy connections to Florence and Rome. It's well-connected by bus and ferry to Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. By the way, friends of mine say that of those 4, Amalfi is the least interesting/pretty. They recommend the bus from Sorrento to the top of Positano, then make your way down to the shore and take the ferry back.

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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Positano is chocolate box pretty and IMO the best view of it is from beach level. But looking seawards I prefer the views over the Bay of Naples from Sorrento which is built along the cliff top. Take a local bus to the village of Termini at the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula for some lovely walks and a couple of secluded bays.

Posted by Zoe
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I like Ravello, just up the hill from Amalfi. Great views and day trippers are gone by late afternoon.

Posted by Rosalyn
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We found Positano to be completely uninteresting - - just full of shops catering to well-heeled tourists. Thought the views from Ravello were the best, absolutely stunning. Sorrento and Amalfi have better transportation connections than the other towns.

Posted by Debbie
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I have been to the Almalfi Coast 2 times and going back in September as well. I would skip the town of Almalfi itself and spend more time in Sorrento, Positano and even make a day trip to the island of Capri. Almalfi town itself is worth missing. The others mentioned- shouldn't be missed. I too am going from 9/19-9/27. Good Luck, you will love it!

Posted by Susan
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I agree with Chani and others... I love Sorrento, it's my favorite place in Italy, and transportation-wise it's the best choice on the AC. The views of and from Sorrento are amazing.

Posted by Shelley
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Katie Just a suggestion: I see you are in Florence for 5 days- It is going to take better part of a travel day to get from Florence-Rome-Naples then regional train to Sorrento. I would a day from Florence and add it to Amalfi. Day 1 Travel to Sorrento. I would base in Sorrento 4 days. Day 2 Day trip to Capri early morning the explore Sorrento. Day 3 Bus to Positano spend 1/2 day then bus to Amalfi - I would then take the ferry back along the coast back to Sorrento-(quite nominal Euros) the view from the water is amazing and something I have never forgotten. As mentioned Amalfi is not all that great and we did take the bus from there up to Ravello but that is pushing it for the day especially you have to count on connections. Ask your hotel in Sorrento where to purchase the bus tickets and what the timetables are as well for the returning ferry.
Whatever you decide it is an incredible scenic area. Enjoy

Posted by Shelley
Trenton, Ontario, Canada
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Katie Sorry I forgot Day 4 Relax and enjoy Sorrento's back streets and don't miss going down to the old harbor for dinner and watch the wonderful sunsets.
Also we did have a car on our trip but if you need a suggestion for a hotel. Check out Il Nido- they are up on the hill above Sorrento and a restaurant as well. We had 2 incredible dinners there on the terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples at sunset. They do have a shuttle bus that takes you down to the city as well as late pick ups. I do believe they will pick you up at the station as well.

Posted by Charlene
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Pompeii is also a great day trip to take from Sorrento. I'd go early in the morning on your 4th day ... you'll still have time in the late afternoon/evening to explore Sorrento itself.

Posted by Katherine
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I'm all alone! I kinda dislike Sorrento, though I have been only once.....I have been to Amalfi SO MANY times..... It really does depend on when you will be arriving, but Amalfi is the best transportation wise on that side of the Amalfi Coast, ferries and buses go straight there.....if you will be wanting to move around, Amalfi would be your best bet on this side....Ravello has the BEST views of any of them.... I am not a huge fan of Positano, it is very touristy (as is Sorrento, from all I have experienced of it) and Amalfi is more like a small town on the coast....will you be wanting to swim? Then Ravello isn't the best unless you want to swim in the pools (they are gorgeous as well!) If you wanna go to do day trips to Pompeii and Naples, yes Sorrento is the best due to the circumvesuviana....if you're just going to relax arriving in the afternoon, train to Salerno and ferry to Amalfi (and bus if you want to Ravello)...

Posted by Zoe
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@katherine, you're not alone, I spend as little time in Sorrento as possible. It's beautiful but I prefer the Amalfi Coast towns.

Posted by Katie
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Thank you all for your wonderful help! I decided to stay in Nocelle, just above positano as I figured it was in the middle so I could go anywhere from there. I will be travelling from Florence and it seems like it will take a while however I am very excited! Any other tips are greatly appriciated!