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Amalfi Itinerary?

Would love input on our planned trip late next September.

Arrive Rome, direct train to Salerno for 4 nights
-recovery, wander Salerno
-Pasteum Ruins,

-wander Salerno

Bus to Atrani for 4 nights
-travel day
- hike 2 days
-travel to Capri

  • lodgings in Anacapri for 2 nights
  • wander seeing Gardens of Augustus Walk Via Tragara Hike up Mount Solara or chair lift hike down Viila San Michele Punta Carena (lighthouse) Hike Via del Pizzolungo Capri Town Villa Jovis Walk to Natural Arch

Ferry to Sorrento for 4 nights
Arrival - Wander Sorrento
Visit Pompeii and Herculaneum
Hike to Postiano
One evening Food tour in Sorrento,

Love suggestions or ideas. Thanks

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Are you saying you are going to spend 4 nights in Salerno? That is a lot. I would take half those days and spend in another Amalfi town.

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I hope you are not proposing to see Pompeii and Herculaneum on the same day. Even if you could do it, it would be overkill. Pompeii, itself, fills a full day. I agree that 4 nights in Salerno is too much. How about adding Ravello to your plan? It has 2 beautiful villas to visit, one with the best views of the A.C. The cathedral is also quite pretty. Do not miss the church of S. Michele in Anacapri.

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Well thought out Ellen. Salerno is often left out of so many itinerary’s. I think you’ll enjoy it

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That time of year, you can catch a Travelmar ferry from Salerno to several towns on the Amalfi coast. I can see a combination of ferry travel and hiking between towns.

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We quite enjoyed our 2 nights in Salerno
Since your first day/ night there is jet lag day I can see spending 3 nights
I think we’d have been bored with 4 nights
We had a fantastic dinner at Mythos in Salerno and there’s a very good gelateria Bar Nettuno

Maybe take 1 night from Salerno and add to Sorrento so you can visit Pompeii and Herculaneum on separate days- doing those on same day will be brutal

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A bus ride to Positano lets you easily enjoy the view and thrill of the drive without the bother of driving yourself. Take the ferry back to see the coast line from the water lets you see the higher elevations that are missed during the drive. If you like limoncello then you will enjoy Sorrento!

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Salerno is a lovely town, and 2-3 nights would be plenty, especially if you are headed off to Atrani, Sorrento, etc.

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I agree that it's perfect to visit Paestum from Salerno. I've never been to Atrani, but I think you are giving too much time to a single area of Italy. I've slept in Sorrento, and really looked forward to our day trip to Amalfi and Positano. But I just didn't find that much "to do" in the towns themselves. I thought Ravello was exceptionally attractive, but I wouldn't have wanted to sleep there more than a night or two, except maybe during the annual music festival.

I agree that Capri is magical, but its partial overlap with Positano (i.e. endless high-end Euro fashion and cosmetic boutiques ... ) takes away from Positano if not somewhat from Capri. Capri is so pedestrianized that it takes much more time than the mainland - I'd take nights away from the AC and give them to Capri, if you can afford it. Make sure about transport of your luggage to your Capri hotel. (I haven't slept on Capri, but have been there twice.)

Sorrento is perfect for those daytrips, and has the best transportation options. Be aware that there are three more famous ancient sites, much smaller, in the immediate area. (We got a five-site ticket and went to three of them, including Pomp and Herc.) We had one (satisfactory) over-100 Euro p.p. tasting meal in Sorrento, but it just isn't a "destination" for world-class restaurants. I admit that I haven't seen the actual question lately, but Sorrento is the past subject of many a Trip Advisor post from the UK asking, "How much is a Pint?" I certainly don't rate the AC beaches as remotely as good as the Caribbean or the U.S. east and west coasts.

Look into the public bus excursion from Sorrento to Sant Agata Sui Dui Golfi, and walk back down, 99% paved sidewalks.

Maybe if you go to Italy every three years anyway ... ?? ... but I just can't see devoting an entire vacation to the AC.

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You have a great itinerary although I think three nights in Salerno would be enough even with jet lag, and I would move that night to Sorrento or Atrani. There are several hikes to do all along the Amalfi coast. I spent a week alone once just doing a different hike every day. You can take the bus to Ravello and walk down to Atrani. Personally I don’t see the need to spend the night in Ravello. It is quite small. I would also suggest spending a day in Napoli while you are staying in Sorrento.

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Good thought to mention Naples. Fair to say that it is a very urban visit. I'm sorry we didn't have time for the Royal Palace at Caserta. I think there are some mythical tombs and caverns at the Naples coast, like the cave of the Cumaean Sybill, but I haven't been there.

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Paestum can eat a day of your trip. It deserves the time. There’s a decent museum and take time to enjoy it. Having recently spent a week in Atrani, your plan for four days is good. The walk to Amalfi is easy and you can spend a lot of time there. Ravello is worthwhile. The villas are grand and time is necessary to fully enjoy the beauty. No shortage of other interesting excursions, shopping, and eating. Try a lemon tour in Amalfi from the company with the green train. Get in the ferry and see the coast. Get in a bus or private car and tour by road. Be sure to plan for a day of nothing to really feel your vacation in the midst of this pandemic!