Amalfi for seniors?

I'm travelling with my parents, ages 78 and 72. They are in good health, but are not especially active. They can walk long distances, but struggle with lots of stairs. I'd like to take them to the Amalfi Coast, but am concerned it will be too physically taxing for them. I am familiar with Cinque Terre and would expect that sort of terrain to be a bit too steep for them. Any advice on a town we can use in Amalfi for home base that might be more flat than steep? Also, as we will likely be taking the train for day trips, the elevation of the city vis a vis the train station will be relevant. Thank you!!

Posted by Rosalyn
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Both Sorrento and Amalfi have large flat areas, which include many hotels and restaurants. In addition, Sorrento has an elevator which can be used to get down to and up from the seaside (the flat area of Amalfi is at the water's edge). Either town would work as a base. If you stay near the center of Sorrento, the bus/train station is a short walk, with not much elevation. The bus station in Amalfi is also right at the water level. You can take a bus or taxi up to Ravello, which is charming and not too hilly; and Capri is very accessible through its funiculars and buses.

Posted by Karen
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When we took my in-laws to Italy (70's), they had a much easier time in Ravello than in Positano. We meant to stop in Amalfi as well, but had a difficult time with parking - and that was part of the issue. By the time we had figured out where to go, we were in an area with pretty difficult terrain (stairs, etc.), so we ended up skipping that and just headed to Sorrento. We were only there for lunch but it too appeared to be a more easily walkable area. Can't help you on trains as we rented a car, but I thought the only choices for towns with a train station are Sorrento and Salerno. Otherwise I know there are buses between the towns-not sure how that would fit into your plans.