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Amalfi Drive closed?

Hello there..
I reserved a private drive with Monetti, when I tried to get a drive also for the "Amalfi Drive" the response from the company was "The road on the Amalfi Coast will be closed from now until end July this year" This was told to me at the end of January. I have been reading the helpline for a while now and no one has mentioned the drive being closed. The reason I was given was "The plan is to put a protecting net on the cliffs."

We will be there the first of July and I really wanted to do the drive.. ( a good reason to return one day is another story)

Anyone have any information on this? I can't find out anything in my searches.
Thank you all again,

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yes. ripped of from AmalfiGirl on the TA forum: "the 1.4km stretch of road closure to place netting upon a mountain-side, between Praiano and Furore (effecting travel between Amalfi-Positano/Positano-Amalfi)...details of the road closure:road is closed between 5am until 5.30pm.And it opens every fifteen minutes, every hour at the 45 minute mark of that hour. For example, 5.45am, 6.45am, 7.45am" so...they will be letting traffic pass...but it could be a wait. Obviously though, this is only a small portion of the "Amalfi Coast Drive" - so, don't worry!

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Thank you for getting back to me. They will not add this drive (Amalfi, however they said if it opens up early they will contact me so we can add it to my tour)... that being said.. the tour as it is now will include Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano. If I want to see Amalfi and Ravello from Praiano, can this be done on my own another day? If so, what would your recommendations be? I am still researching so I apologize for my lack of "how to"

If you can offer any suggestions I would appreciate it. thank you again.. :-) viv

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If the seas are calm you can ferry along the amalfi coast from Sorrento etc.. a great option if the road is closed.

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Hi Js thank you for the help. Is there a web page to go to, so I can see the ferry schedule? I know the bus stops right at our hotel in Praiano... If I want to go to Ravello and Amalfi.. should I take the bus to Sorrento and then get on a ferry? or to Postiano? I am looking for a map to look at with the towns now.. sorry.. I hear all these names and I can't picture it... (anyone who has one they like please advise the web page to go to...)

thank you all again for your help on this trip I am plannning...

Viv :o)

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love Boston, used to get there once a week for years. Found the Amalfi Coast and Positano in particular and changed habitats.

I would cancel your tour service. Then I would simply ,from Praiano ,if that is where your staying, take the SITA bus to Positano and ferry (€8.00 most trips) to Amalfi, Salerno,Sorrento Capri and Naples itself with the "Metro-del-Mare line.
The sea lanes don't have any traffic,no talkative drivers trying to get you stop and buy things so they can get a commision and not informed generally.They make things up.