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Amalfi coast travel itinerary questions

Hi. We are travelling to Amalfi coast for the first time from March 19-29. We are thinking of flying into Naples and renting a car. Staying that night there and next morning driving and doing Pompeii / Mt Vesuvius on the way to Sorrento. Staying in Sorrento for 3 nights. Than doing Postiano on our drive to Amalfi and than staying in Amalfi for 4 nights. Than driving back to Naples and flying out. In sorrento doing a day trip to Capri and in Amalfi doing a day trip to Ravello. Following questions:
- Does this itinerary look good
- is it a good idea to rent a car and are the roads going to be too crowded that time of the year
- is it possible to get ferries to capri and blue grotto that time of the year
Any tips or suggestion is highly appreciated.

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I wouldn't drive in Naples or along the Amalfi Coast on a bet. If you've never experienced Neapolitan drivers, you will be surprised by their aggression (not that that is necessarily a bad thing) and inventiveness. A good friend of mine was waiting to enter an intersection when the vehicle behind him, a truck, gently pushed his vehicle into the oncoming traffic. Most of the vehicles have scrapes and dents along their flanks.

The airport bus to Sorrento is quick and cheap. Landing in Naples, perhaps after a trans-Atlantic flight, and then doing Pompeii and Vesuvius in the same day will be brutal, especially if you have to find a place to park a car. A car is a liability on the Amalfi coast, and will spend much more time being parked (think $$$$$$) than driven. It's not just the crowds on the roads (they will definitely be there, in spades) but there is very little parking along the AC.

Trains, ferries, and buses are a better way to move around that area.

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Forget the car- it will be an expensive frustrating pain in the neck.
As mentioned above- traffic will be heavy, parking impossible, and the driver will not get to enjoy the scenery at all.

The ferries to Capri will be running- whether Blue Grotto is open is weather/sea conditions dependent. We didn't bother with it- it's a huge tourist trap and a time suck.

Here is ferry schedule.

We enjoyed our boat trip all around Capri immensely. Did this with Mondo guides- money well spent

You can visit Positano from Amalfi very easily- take the bus. Same for Ravello
You can visit Pompeii from Sorrento on the train- super easy and cheap.

You will want to be in Naples the night before your flight.

There is lots of info on this forum about how to get around the area by bus/ferry/train.

Hiring a private transfer is also an option
We used this company and were very satisfied with rates and service