Amalfi Coast itinerary

We are headed to Europe next year. The first week will be in Southern Ireland and they we are going to go to the Amalfi Cost for the 2nd week.

We have been as far south as Sorrento and Pompeii. We would like to stay at the Amalfi coast for a few days, how long would you recommend? Where would you stay?

Would it be too much to try and do Amalfi Coast and Sienna in 7 days?

Thank you!

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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For a week on the Amalfi Coast, if it is truly 7 nights, I would split my time between Sorrento and Ravello. You can use Sorrento as abase to go to Ischia or Capri for a day, revisit Pompeii or go to Ercolano, spend a day in Naples. Ravello is high on the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean and is very relaxing. You can go to Paestum, Positano, Amalfi, Atrani, and many other tiny towns from here. Ravello itself has two magnificent villas to see, good restaurants.

I would not add Siena to this itinerary. Personally I would find it a hassle to take that trip. You'd have to get to Sorrento, then Naples where you catch a FrecciaRossa to Florence. From Florence you change to a bus or another regionle train to Siena. But it depends on your travel priorities: the outdoors and natural beauty of the AC, or the museums and churches of Siena.

Posted by Tom
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Ravello is a beautiful town. One of my favorite. I think 3 days on the Amalfi Coast is sufficient. It gives you one day for Capri and 2 days for the rest of the coast. We just came from Siena a few days ago. Some may disagree but I think Siena is just a day trip. You don't mention if you have been to Italy before so don't know what you might have seen already. If this is your first trip I would spend the second part of trip in Rome and make the day trip to Florence from Rome.

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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You're probably on your way, now. Hope you're having a good trip!