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Amalfi Coast

My husband and I are heading back to Italy in April. This trip we want to spend time mainly on Amalfi Coast and a couple days in Capri. We did Venice, Florence, Rome this past spring and loved it, but very busy. Looking forward to a more laid back vacation without the feel of "having" to do and see everything. Please tell me what you think of plans so far. Arrive Naples and drive to Amalfi. Stay 5 nights to see Ravello, Amalfi and Positano. (probably Pompei for that just have to need in us ) On to Sorrento for a night and then 2 nights in Capri. Questions I have: rent a car vs train between areas, is a car necessary at all , would a care be benefial at all, is Amalfi the best base to see amalfi, Ravello and Positano. Any other insights welcome! Thanks

Posted by valadelphia
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No need for a car--it is an expensive hindrance. No train--have you seen the terrain? Buses and ferries will do.
Many do a private transfer to the coast, but I found the direct airport bus perfectly adequate. Or you could do Capri first.
No need to go to Sorrento unless you wish to visit Pompeii from there, as I believe there is a Positano-Capri ferry.
You could then see Pompeii on your way out--depending on departure time of course. That Sorrento night may need to be moved to Naples if you have an early flight. That would work well for including Pompeii and possibly give you time to take a whirl through Naples and maybe see the archaeological museum continning the artifacts from Pompeii.

Also--I would choose base on the AC based on hotel, as they are close together.

Posted by mreynolds
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Sounds like a good plan.
Car would be close to useless and add quite a bit to your expenses.
At that time of year the public transit options should not be overcrowded and they fully cover where you are going so the car provides little to no benefit and you will have to find and pay for parking at each stop, cannot take it to Capri, etc...
You will be taking busses more than trains by the way.

Posted by April
Portland, OR
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This time of year a car wouldn't be that challenging, from a traffic perspective. Just make sure it is small model car. We prefer to have a car, even in this area of Italy because there are no trains. Buses can be full sometimes and I don't like to be confined to the schedules.

Although I loved Capri, I think it is adequate as a day trip. Amalfi is a good central base, but we really like being up in Ravello for the views and hiking opportunities.

We were in Ravello the end of April 2012 and it was still a bit chilly some of the time. It rained a couple of the days that we were there. That being said, it was really nice to be there without the tourist hoards that can be stifling. It was still bustling though.