Amalfi Coast

Sept 18, 2013. Leave Sorrento 8:00 am and spend 12 hours on the Amalfi Coast. I will leaving Ravello or Positano or wherever about 8:00 pm, get to Rome airport hotel that night and depart from Rome airport next morning for Oslo. Other than the Amalfi Coast drive, I want to lunch and dine in the most spectacular places, maybe lemon groves, maybe beaches and what could be reasonably seen in those 12 hours. Please let me know what wonderful, non-miss things you actually did in the Amalfi Coast area. Thanks

Posted by Rosalyn
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There are two beautiful villas in Ravello, which can be visited. I can't remember the names, but the one that hosts summer concerts has gorgeous gardens, with the best view of the AC. I'd put that on my don't miss list. The other gardens are nice, too; but not don't have the spectacular views.

Posted by Katherine
Atlanta, GA, USA
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I believe they are Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo :) I'm not sure about dining in the most spectacular places, but if you have a driver the whole day, I bet you could find some restaurants based just off the roads between the cities with wonderful views....most of the places I have eaten are "in" the cities, and not with great views...

Posted by Debby
Lawton, OK, USA
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I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we ate at a lovely place overlooking the bay at Ravello. We had a private driver who knew all the best places. I highly recommend a driver and a leisurely day on the coast.

Posted by Bill
Sutter Creek, CA, USA
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You were looking for an outstanding dining experience, may I suggest the Flauto di Pan in the villa Cimbrone-that way you can combine two great experiences in Ravello. Here's the link to Villa Cimbrone so you can see the view ( Click on the British flag and then on the restaurant link,
Buon Viaggio...Bill