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Alternatives to Rick Steves Audio Europe App with more Italian sites/walks?

I loved the RS Audio Europe app last time I was in Italy (and on a more recent trip to Spain). However, the Italian walks and tours haven't been updated in years now, and there are many tours in his guidebook book I really wished could exist in an Audio format (Capitoline Museum tour, Borghese Museum, Appian Way Tour, etc.).

What I enjoy so much about them is that it parses things down and navigates you around, interprets things with a fun perspective, and it's nice to have Rick and Lisa in my ear rather than looking up and down from my guidebook. It's such a nice hybrid between having a guide there with you while having the flexibility of touring independently.

So I'm wondering if there is anything comparable out there for Italian sites that you guys have found? Obviously it's nice that it's "free" but I'd be willing to pay for something good.

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I heard that many of the apps are supposed to be updated May 1 or thereabouts. I think it was during the January video events. I have not found or really looked for an alternative walking tour app.

My tour package (BP&V) contains three books. I really don't want to take any book to cut weight. The books are 1+ lb each. Even if I shred the books into useful segments, I'm still carrying an extra 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. Most of app tours are the same as in the books although the books have more. On my previous two RS tours, I didn't use the book pages at all. Instead I did a lot of pre-planning, using Google Maps to bookmark sights and bookmarking websites on my phone. The tour guides and local guides did great jobs with orientation walks.

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Not to belittle all that Rick has to offer, but Lonely Planet's latest email says there website had a new service to create a trip. If you see a hotel, or activity, or read something of interest on their website, you can 'add to trip' and it is all consolidated in one section that you tailor made. I think this can be a ground changer - as long as you have local or cheap data. It isn't an audio option, but it sure changes up the paper or ebook situations.