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All Saint's Day - Rome

I am planning a trip to Rome for a week, landing in the city on Nov. 1, All Saint's Day. Is this a recipe for disaster? It seems like most everything I'd do on my first day (no strenuous museums, but rather walking and eating, burning off jetlag) won't be closed for the holiday but I am thinking about restaurants and perhaps the after-effects lasting into the weekend (crowds)? Anyone have any experience?

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Despite the presence of the Vatican, Rome (and Italy in general)is not religously based. You will find everything open and businesses booming.

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Thanks, Bob. From what I've read both in Rick's book and other guidebooks it's a big "family holiday" with lots of things closed and lots of people on the road traveling for a long weekend. From what I can tell, only the Vatican Museums are slated to be closed in Rome, but was just looking to see if anyone knew of anything more.

Thanks for your response!

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I was in Rome last year on Rick's tour on All Saints Day. We went to mass at St. Peter's...very interesting, even for this non-believer! The city will not be overwhelmed, but St. Peter's will that morning until Mass is over. It is a very long, but mostly orderly line, and you do need a ticket. Even with tickets, we couldn't get in, and watched on video screens in the Piazza. Have a great time...any time is good to be in Roma!

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The only thing closed on All Saint's Day is the Vatican Museum but St Peter's will be open. No worries about restaurants & sights. Rome may be a bit more crowded as some people will take use the holiday as an excuse to take a long holiday (Italians travel to Rome also!).