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Alilaguna / Vaparetto ?

I'm not sure but I think that, for boat rides to Murano from the airport, you can either take a combination of buses and ferries and use the Vaparetto and buses to get there via Venice (it looks pretty roundabout on the map) or take something called the Alilaguna directly to Murano, which is only one boat ferry and shorter. Is there any multi-day pass option that would cover both options since I plan to go back and forth from Murano to Venice for about 3-4 nights starting Sunday and then, on Thursday, I'll plan to take a train to Trieste. I suppose I'm willing to pay separately for the Alilaguna option since it's direct and by the time I arrive Sunday morning after an overnight flight I'm going to be totally beat.

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The vaporetti and the Alilaguna boats are run by two different companies. There's no pass covering both. If you decide to take a bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma and then a vaporetto from there, you can save a bit of money by taking an ACTV bus (rather than an ATVO bus) and buying a vaporetto pass at the same time. It is a very modest savings, though.

I'd be tempted to go the Alilaguna route on your arrival day since you're staying on Murano.

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I would take the Alilaguna from the airport. You can’t get a pass that covers both because different companies but going into Venice to buy a vaporetto pass sounds like unnecessary misery to me. We waited about 20 minutes to do so but fortunately after a train ride from Verona not an overnight flight.

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Take the Alilaguna to Murano then purchase a length of stay vaporetto pass- I think they may only offer 72 hours? but it is a true 72 hours. You'll save a ton of money over paying each time you ride the vaporetto.
Be sure to validate your pass each and every time you board. They do check and fines are high.

ETA-you can purchase the vaporetto pass at the airport and possibly on Murano?

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Thank you! This tracks with the other information I've found and the explanation from my host. It will be my first trip to Europe and I'm going for a month. I'm even keeping things to one carry on (a rolling backpack) and a small bag for camera equipment. I think I'm about to push my comfort zone LOL.

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much as I strongly dislike Alilaguna boats (unpleasant cabin, poor visibility, uncomfortable seats and more) that is the best way to Murano from the airport if you aren't spending the BIG money for a private water taxi. Much easier than into P le Roma and then 2 vaporetto rides (unless you are lucky and catch the rarer direct boat) all the way back to Murano which is relatively much closer to the airport.

In your case that is what I would do.

You should know that Murano has 3 main vaporetto stops, a few minutes walk apart. It would be handy to know which one your host is near so you can know how much of a walk it will be from the one where the Alilaguna docks.

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I agree with Nigel.
Purchase your Alilaguna ticket to Murano after baggage claim at the airport.
Two years ago, the ticket desks were to the left as you come into the main hall.
The price is about E11-12 one may have gone up.
Then you walk down a very long wide glassed in hallway to the Alilaguna stops.
Before you do that, use the bathroom, get a coffee, etc; as there may be a one or two boat wait for an available one for you.
And yes, do find out where your accommodation is in relation to the Alilaguna Stop on Murano.
Your host will help out with that, or you can look at Google maps to zero in.

When you want to get off Murano to go to other islands and to Venice proper, you should buy a pass for the Vaporetto boats (like buses).
A single ride was E8 two years ago, that may have increased too; so a multi day pass is way cheaper in the end.
If it's say, for 72 hours, that is actually 72 true hours from the first time you use it.
You can buy passes at the kiosks at the vaporetto stops, and you just "tap in, tap out" when getting on and off the boats.
There are many videos ,online (You tube), and maps, to show you how to use the system!