Airport Shuttle

Rick Steves' Rome book recommends ordering a Rome airport shuttle from the website Is anyone familiar with this shuttle? There weren't any reviews for the shuttle on TripAdvisor since about 2009 and the ones that were on there were pretty bad. Just wondering if this is still a recommended service or if I should seek other options. Thanks!

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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Try; they are extremely reliable and highly rated.

Posted by Amanda
New York
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Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I booked it before I checked out other sites, so I was wondering if I needed to try to cancel my reservation or not. Their website also doesn't include anything about their cancellation policy...

Posted by Christine
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I have used this shuttle service twice. Once, in 2011, to go to Fiumicino and again this year to travel from the airport to my hotel. Their service was quite reliable, so I would recommend them and plan to utilize their services again if I return to Rome. Have a good trip.

Posted by Jo
New York
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DO NOT USE the airport shuttle bus!! The drive from our hotel near Termini to FCO took three times as long as it should have 1 hour and 35 mins because the driver showed up 10 minutes late, made us wait 35 minutes at another hotel for a pickup and dismissed my concerns that we had a flight to catch, saying there was plenty of time and had no change, forcing me to run around the terminal to break a 20 euro bill. Our flight wound up being closed before we could check in and we had to spend 414 euro each to get tix for a new flight, plus 214 euro for a hotel room because no flights were available until the next day. A complaint call to the company got only excuses and a LIE from the driver that he dropped us off 20 mins earlier than he did. Rick Steves needs to remove this recommendation from his books because this company SIMPLY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS!!

Posted by Tom
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An alternative to costly private shuttles is to take the "Leonardo Express" shuttle train (14 euros) from the airport to the Termini railroad station downtown, then a cab from there to your hotel. The trip from the airport to the Termini takes only 30 minutes.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Take a regular taxi. The fare is 48 euro, flat, for 1 to 4 passengers.