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Airport or city ATMs

Does anyone know if the exchange rate is any different at airport ATMs? We will be flying through Munich or Frankfurt and have a layover with plenty of time to buy euros before arriving in Rome. Does the service charge the vary from one ATM to another (airport versus city ATMs, German versus Italian)? Although I have been to Europe previously I have yet to figure this out.

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All the service charges come from your home bank. The exchange rate is set by the network (Cirrus, Plus which are owned by Mastercard and Visa) so all the bank ATMs are the same. Get your euro at the airport while you have time.

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The exchange rate will be the same. It is possible that a stand alone terminal in an airport might charge a usage fee for that location but that would be the only difference. Generally the European ATMs do not have a service fee associated with their usage. That is more common in the US.

I personally avoid any machine that is not part of a bank or built into a wall. There have been scams in the US where stand alone machine were phony. Have not heard that in Europe but I like the idea of using an ATM at a bank during business hours so that if something goes wrong I can walk inside and try to solve the problem. However, in 15 years of using ATMs have never had a problem.

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I agree about bank ATMs. Avoid ones associated with money changers.