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Air port

Silly question, when we were at the Milan airport we noticed people where having their suitcases wraped in a plastic wrap. Why? And how does that work when it goes through aecurity? I would think it would make it harder to find your case at the airport.

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Some airports will give people the option of getting pre-screened for safety. When someone does this the security people wrap the luggage in plastic to let the world know that it has been checked already.

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And I think there is a fee for that "service."

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The plastic wrap is only applied to luggage being checked, so there's no real reason for security to open it unless something shows up on the scanner or sniffer machines inside the baggage handling area. It's simply there as a service for people who want to add an extra layer of protection to their bags. If you've ever had your bag left outside in the pouring rain, or fall off a baggage cart and been run over by an airport vehicle, you'll know why some people like using the plastic wrap! And yes, there is a charge for it.

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This became very popular in Australian airports after an Australian girl landed in Bali with drugs in her luggage. She has been convicted for trafficing but maintains they were planted in her bags. The operators 'sell' the service here as one way to show that your bags have not been tampered with. Hadn't thought of the protection against rain.

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I think that a lot of people do it to prevent airport personnel from taking things from the bag. The bag can still be x-rayed, but hard for someone to open it up and take something out ... and you know for sure if it has been opened.

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I've seen this service just about everywhere. Some Airlines have contracts allowing Crew to use this service prior to checking their Crew bags. I think Passengers pay something like $9 or $10 CAD in YYZ to wrap a 32" Case.

It also helps protect your case from scratches. I personally like scratches. I try to keep my case as scratched up and undesirable looking as I can get away with. I am neatnick in every other way but that.

Although it is available free of charge for Flight Crew, I have rarely seen Crew take advantage of it. I think I only used it the once and that was before I became a hard core carry on only traveller. Thanks, Rick! I might be the first one on the plane and the last one off but at least I'm not waiting at Baggage Claim!