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Air Conditioning in Venice

We'll be visiting Venice in mid-June. It looks like many accomodations don't have AC. I'm more concerned about noise than heat, but would like some feedback on both. Thanks.

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Venice is very very humid during the summer. I'm from Miami, Fl and the humidity in Venice is just about as bad as it is here. Most places have fans but they just don't do the job. Take a look at this It is a bed and breakfast booking service for Venice, Florence and Rome. It is operated by an American family living in Rome. I stayed at a B&B in August in Venice called Ca'Riccio and it was air conditioned. Check out the website. Rick Steves also recommends them in his books. Happy travels!!!!

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The other reason that AC is nice to have is that mosquitoes can be bad.

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And in europe with the high cost of electricity, having an A/C does not guarantee that your room will be cool. Remember, this is a continent where ice is rarer than valuable American dollars.

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Years ago in when my friend and I visited Venice, we of course had a hotel with no a/c( we were poor,LOL) , so we thought we would leave the window open when we went out to dinner. Unfortunately we left a lamp on in the room.

We returned to a room black with mosquitos, it was the most mosquitos I have ever seen in one place, and we R.V, so I have definatley encountered my share of them.

Venice is mosquito heaven, all those windows with NO SCREENS and rooms with no A/C.

I can understand the no a/c , but no screens, thats just wrong!

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I would never ever ever venture to Venice in the June without AC. Several years ago we visited in June during a major heatwave. The outside temp was over 103 Farenheit and the humidity was unbearable. THe only thing hotter was our attic hotel room that had 2 a/c units which kept the temperature reasonable at night. During the day, the AC was not much help. You DEFINITELY want AC!

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The heat & humidity can be bad, but it does cool a little at night. I have taken netting to drape over my head to sleep, for the mosquitos. But I hate earplugs, and if the windows are on a calle, noise reverberates off the walls; Venetians get up really early & tourists stay up late!
Despite these, I still love Venice a few days at a time.
The Hotel Abbazzia, very near the train station, was a treat on my last visit, a/c and cool halls in a beautifully converted abbey. I wasn't paying for it, so enjoyed the a/c, but also felt hermetically sealed. But, I live in the northern US & can let the outdoors in almost all summer.