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Has anyone used air b&b in Italy? They seem to have very good deals, but I wonder how secure any of your stuff is when left in the room. Thanks, C.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Air B&B is just a website that is used by lots of different apartment owners and B&B owners. The security of any of your stuff will depend on the owners, not Air B&B.

Posted by Lan
San Jose, Ca, Usa
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Michael is correct. Do pay attention to feedbacks from owners' prior customers. We did use VBRO last month in Italy (our first time) and we had a positive experience. It was nice to come back to the appt after a long day of sight seeing, instead of a crammed hotel room. Tell you the truth I was a little nervous up until the time we have arrived at the appt. as I have heard many bad things happened in Italy. As precaution, we did not leave valuable items in the appt when we were out.

Posted by Susanna
Charlotte, USA
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I used airbnb September 2012. I booked places in Arezzo, Florence & Rome. It was mostly a GREAT experience. Only glitch was in Rome. It was up 5 sets of 20 plus stairs to get to the end of the road where the place was located. I have friends who have also used it for Venice and Florence and were very pleased. I will use them again without hesitation. I do suggest reading ALL of the reviews and find a place that has numerous reviews. My rooms all had locks on the door and I was given a key. I'm sure the owner had extra keys, but it was never a problem. I personally feel it is 'safer' than a hotel room, who have numerous people that can enter. People on airbnb are gaining an income they would not want to lose by stealing. It also gives you a chance to get the real Italian view on local restaurants, shops, etc., since the owners actually live there. I met some very nice people!!
I can highly recommend this service.

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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I agree with Lan...make sure you have a good read thru the feedback. I'm sure if someone has a problem with theft, they wouldn't last too long. We've used it in Boston, London, Paris, Florence, Villefranche, Bath...honestly, you are staying, most of the time, in someone's furnished home, so the trust works both ways...they don't want you making off with anything of their stuff either...but if you are that worried, take the expensive stuff with you ( or don't even pack it), or just secure it in your luggage before you go ( put a lock on your luggage). We've had everything from a private room, to half an apt separate from the other person, to a whole private more B and B type thing with a kitchenette ( in Florence...amazing place) to one where the host had a bed on a 'mezzanine' and she slept underneath on the floor. A and hosts who were more's your room, you're on your own, to one (the floor lady with the tiny apt) who cooked us supper and took us on a drive to explore a nearby you get all kinds. Planning a California trip and mostly plan to use airbnb...