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Advice and input for Venice to Rome trip welcome!

This June we will be travelling for 3 weeks with 2 teenage sons (17 & 19). We have a little experience as we spent one week in Tuscany 7 years ago flying in and out of Venice and travelling from there by car.

On this trip after 3.5 days in Paris we:

  • Fly to Venice for 2 nights (1 full day).
  • Tuscany for 1 week in a villa near San Gimingano
  • Orvieto for 3 nights departing early on a Tuesday for
    Rome via train
  • Rome for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - home Saturday.

We are trying decide whether to whether to rent a car in Venice again or take the train to Florence and pick up a car there. Also wondering whether it would be best to use the car to see the surrounding area of Orvieto and than turn it in early? Finally - another thought is to spend 2 nights in Orvieto, train to Pompeii for one night and than Rome?

Sorry for the long message but any advice from more seasoned trallers is most welcome (especially those with teens). Thanks!

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I'll let others answer your other questions and just address one of them.Re: picking up the rental car in Florence.Not recommended, for the reasons given here 125 Reasons Not to Pick Up Your Rental Car in Florence.

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If you're not going to stay in Florence, I'd rent the car in Venice and drive to Tuscany from there.

Venice is an easy place to pick up a car. You go straight to the Autostrada

I'd skip Pompeii for this visit. Too much additional stress for the time you have.

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Thank you both for your input. Our original intention was to go by car from Venice straight to the Villa as we did last time. Someone from Rick Steves suggested the train to Florence and than picking up the car there - we liked the idea of sitting back and enjoying the scenery for a bit but it does add an extra mode of transportation into the mix. The thought of picking a car in Florence and finding a location with easy access to the Autostrada was sounding stressful and all the running around from place to place was also sounding time consuming.

Tahnks again!