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Advance time at Pisa airport, plus staying in Lucca night before flight.

Flying Pisa to Gatwick 10:50 a.m. on a Thursday in Sept. My plan for night before flight is to stay in Lucca near train station for one night to see some of the town. Flight day I would take 7:40 a.m. or 7:55 a.m. train Lucca to Pisa Centrale, on to Pisa airport. That leaves me about two hours for check in, security etc. I saw some older posts indicating more time would be smarter. So I'm hoping to hear if that's still the collective thought or whether this airport is small enough that it's quicker to get through, even for an international flight.
Also it seems like Lucca is close enough that staying there makes sense. Or am I leaving too much to chance and should stay in Pisa the night before flight. Thank you so much in advance for any advice.

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I'd stay in Pisa. Too risky
You are leaving Schengen so I'd want 2.5 hours minimum preflight.

(If you do stay in Pisa- the Field of Miracles is gorgeous at night)

I'm curious to see what Roberto will advise.

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I'd risk it--but I am that person who rolls up to the airport like I am hopping on a private jet. I have experience at Pisa, including last month, and it is a small and efficient airport. We gave ourselves much less time, and we also had to drop off a car rental.
Boarding pass was in hand, carry-on baggage only.

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PSA is not a big airport so 2 hours should be sufficient for any flight.
If you have a party of several people you may want to consider a limo/taxi for convenience. I think they charge 90€

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Thanks for input... it's just me and I do have to check my bag. While I have a small enough carry-on size the wheels kick it over the length requirement for carry on.. so I didn't want to risk hoping they'd allow it. Maybe you all know better re carry on size issues.
At front end of trip I'll be flying into Pisa before heading to Monterosso. So I'll check out the scene and see how it feels. I really want to see Lucca so I guess I'm willing to risk it. I could take the bus from Lucca to Pisa Airport but it would be a schlep from where I've booked at Hotel Rex to the bus locale.