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advance purchase w/ Rail pass

I was under the impression that you could buy the passes online and print the ticket out but it appears that they have to ship them. I leave too soon to have them shipped. Is it a problem to purchase them at the station?

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I was just looking on the TrenItalia site myself and found this:

"Through the Online ticket desk you can buy your train ticket; you can pay by credit card and the tickets can be sent directly to your home by recorded delivery (for a 3.25 euro charge) or you can collect them from any self-service machine using your reservation number (PNR) provided by the system. "

So I assume you can purchase online and then go to a ticket machine and enter a reservation number to print the ticket? Has anyone had experience with this?

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Hi Cynthia-
There is a difference between Rail passes and individual tickets. Passes need to be shipped to you to have in hand before you arrive in Europe.

I understand that the individual tickets are more flexible.

My family has decided on individual point to point tickets for our trip this summer. We purchased a rail pass last time and did not find it to be a better value on our route (Italy mostly).

Best of luck.

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Here is a condensed quote quote from the FAQs at "If you are already in Europe you can buy a Eurail Pass at one of the main train stations. Please note that prices in Europe are about 20% higher than outside, and not all Passes are available for sale in Europe."

Note, however, that depending upon your routes and which countries you'll be visiting, point-to-point tickets are often cheaper than a pass, particularly if most of your rides are short ones. For trains that require reservations it's good to buy tickets a day or two ahead of time.

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Jen, you are can pay for them on line and then use the PNR that comes with your e-mail confirmation to use one of the self-service machines...make sure to validate the ticket once the machine spits it out. Even better, many of the trains offer the "ticketless" option..bring along your e-mail confirmation (coach and seat numbers assigned), then just show it to the conductor. They'll check your PNR on a PDA and run off a receipt on a tiny little printer.