Advance book train travel

My husband and I are arriving in Rome the first week of June and immediately plan to get on a train for Naples, ultimately arriving, or perhaps collapsing in Sorrento. Should we get our train tickets in advance here in the US, or hope we can get a ticket when we arrive? Thoughts? Advice?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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The the only reason to buy ahead of time via the web is the discount available. But like all advance discount tickets they come with limited refund and exchange options. So the drawback is that you could miss your train if you flight is delayed or you are slow getting to Termini. I would wait and buy your ticket at the station in the airport when you get your ticket for the Leonard Express. Trains rarely if ever sell out in Italy. The train from Naples is a private commuter style of line and you cannot buy tickets in advance. Just follow the signs, go downstairs, buy your ticket, validate it, and get on the next train.

Posted by Zoe
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The commuter train to Sorrento is the Circumvesuviana. Make sure you get to the correct track (binario) and your train is going to Sorrento, some tracks are shared by trains going to different destinations. Sorrento is the last stop, trains leave every 30 minutes, and the trip from Naples to Sorrento takes about 70 minutes. Keep your validated ticket until you are out of the Sorrento station, sometimes ticket checks take place at the arrival platform instead of on the train.