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Accomodations in Rome

We are a family of 4 who is going to Rome at the end of May for 3-4 days. I am figuring that an apt. would work best for us but in what part of the city? Rome, like any city I'm sure has some parts that are better than others. We won't have a car but don't mind walking some to get to the subway. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the website. There is a myriad of apts. to choose from. Not knowing the areas of Rome, would you say the one you're staying in is pretty nice?

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Perfect apartment in perfect location:

We stayed there a few years ago and everything was wonderful. Stay in the historic center if you can. Anywhere around Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona, Pantheon would be perfect. Vatican is a little removed from the central but not bad...same for Colosseum.

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Tim we (family of 4) have Casa Paradiso booked for June 08 for a week, after I did lots of research on this site & trip advisor. They have two apartments at a reasonable price.The location seems perfect. My dealings with them so far has been really good, so check it out.

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Spent a week in Rome in Nov. 06. Found my fabulous apartment on this website, which I found on this website on the Graffiti Wall.

I rented the Casa Porticco Octavia and will stay there again when I return. Loads of great places to choose from.

Have a wonderful trip.

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Marina: I have already stayed at this apartment so I know it's wonderful. Yes, it's a wonderful location. There is a restaurant on the ground will actually have to walk through the outdoor restaurant seating to get to the door for your apartment. We never ate at the restaurant, but it looked and smelled really good. When you exit the apartment door to the outside and to the end of the the little courtyard with the restaurant's outdoor seating...if you turn right you will pass a bakery with elegant looking cakes and cookies. Go a little past the bakery and turn left and there is a retaurant where we ate at least once each day. Good food, decent prices and good waiters. Our waiter got to know us by name and always greeted us at our table with a little bucket of ice for our drinks.

We stayed in the small apartment and the owners lived in the big apartment just next door. They were always helpful and friendly...greeted us with a bottle of wine. Location is super!

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We had a problem trying to find an available hotel in Rome. Luckily, we were at my cousin's home in Calabria so he called some contacts and found us a place. It was a 2BR, 2BA with LR, Kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher and two patios. Very nice. It was a one block walk to the Cornelia Metro station and in a nice neighborhood so it had local stores, much cheaper internet cafes, and even a great takeout restaurant nearby.

It is owned by a middle aged couple. They provided us with milk, cereal and more. Prices at the local grocery were dirt cheap.

Cornelia is west of the main sites so you need to take the train a few stops. However, trains heading to/from Cornelia from the sites were much less crowded than ones heading to Termini and it was nice to often get a seat after a long day of walking.

Cornelia also has a central bus station area and so had a bus that went to the airport so we didn't have to cross town to get to the train on our way home. PM me & I'll send you info.

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You asked about the Trastevere neighborhood. RS describes it as the colorful neighborhood across the river from the heart of Rome, by which he means the Piazza Navona area. He says it's the ideal place to immerse yourself in the "crustier" side of Rome. It's the trendy bohemian neighborhood and contains the largest number of medieval churches in Rome.

The ideal neighborhood for your first time in Rome is in the heart, around Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. Almost everything is within walking distance. This will be our second time to Rome, so we're trying a new neighborhood.