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Access to Civita di Bagnoregio

Next month, my parents are meeting my wife and me in Italy, and I would like to take them to Civita di Bagnoregio. (We will be traveling by car.) I know that there is a pretty convenient parking lot below the village. However, I recall from my previous visit in 2011 that the walk from the parking lot to the village is pretty steep. My wife and I could do it again with no problem, but my parents would have a hard time. Does anyone know if there's a way to get into the village without walking up that hill? Is there a service that will drive people up there or something along those lines?


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You can walk from Bagnoregio to the Civita bridge (about 20 minutes) or take a €1 yellow minibus (pay the driver) from the gas station to the base of the walkway. You can ascend to Civita only on foot, but taking the bus from Bagnoregio will cut your walking distance in half.

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As I recall, there's a car park below the bridge and there's a slight uphill incline to get from there to the bridge entrance. The foot bridge is level for the first half or so, and then a slightly steeper uphill incline to get to the entrance to Civita. AFAIK there's no service to drive people from the car park to the entrance of the footbridge. It's a short distance and simply wouldn't be practical to provide a service like that.

One solution might to stop at the entrance to the footbridge and drop your parents and wife there, and then you can continue downhill to park the car. On the way back, use the reverse procedure. That way you'll be the only one that has to deal with an uphill walk.

I assume you're aware of the need for an IDP and the other potential issues with driving in Italy?

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I remember the bridge itself as having quite an incline. The website (about which I know nothing) says "The long bridge into Civita is steep--and it gets steeper as it rises. This is a challenging climb for anyone not in particularly good shape."