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AC Milan vs. Roma

I would like to buy tickets to this match (ac milan vs roma) on May 24th. Since this is a high profile match, what prices can I expect? How difficult will it be to buy tickets? Is it worth buying the tickets in advance or can you easily buy tickets at the stadium from the box office or from people selling tickets outside of the stadium on game day?

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In Italy you should never purchase tickets from scalpers. Tickets have the original purchasers name printed on them and they check identities at the entrance gates. In terms of ticket availability, it's a tough call. Since May 24th is near the end of the season, most places in the league table will probably be decided by then and you should be able to get tickets at the stadium on the day of the match. But it's also possible that the trophy race could tighten up and make the match high-profile. If it were me I would wait it out, there is a better than average a chance of getting tickets at the stadium.