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AC in Cinque Terre Apartment - Needed in Aug?

Not to sound like a typical American or a spoiled traveler, but will we do OK without AC in the CT (we're going in late August)? I have just realized only after booking that the apartment lacks AC. It was so beautiful, I was swept up in it! Our apartment is apparently on the harbor in Vernazza - we've been told the apartment will be airy with the ocean breeze. We don't plan on being in the apartment a great deal, obviously, but wanted to know if we're off our rocker for accidentally selecting a no-AC apartment (apparently many of them are that way in the CT).

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Even the places with AC we stayed in shut down at night. Our apartment in Rome asked us not to run the air after 9:00 PM. Several Hotels seems to shut off the air at night. You're probably better off with the ocean breezes.

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I've never been there in August, but I have been told by locals that it is "pretty hot" there in August and there are smaller crowds. I asked how hot out of curiosity (I'm from Texas) and was told that it can be in the 90's. 90+ degree weather can be pretty warm in an apartment, but if there is an ocean breeze, I wouldn't think it would be too bad.

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Italy is hot in the summer, period. And unfortunately AC is not found everywhere and even when there is AC it is never cranked as high as it is in the US. If the apartment is right on the water then you should have plenty of breezes. I would also suggest that you close up the apartment in the morning before you go out, leaving the cooler air trapped inside and only open everything up when you come home in the evening. Most people in Italy live without central air and we get by somehow, I think you will be fine for a week, you are from Atlanta, right? You can take the heat!

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Yes, I'm thinking we'll be good w/the breeze. Heck it's 95F plus in Atlanta in the summer easily, so perhaps the CT will be break from the temps here. Hotlanta, as they say. I was just wanting to hear if anyone had strong opinions as to whether this was a really bad idea in the CT.

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A/C is about as common in the CT as elevators which means that it's rare. However, look carefully as a few places have A/C. The RS book is very good at pointing this out.

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I was just there in mid to late June and even with a nice breeze, it was hot, even at night. We requested a fan and that helped a little.

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It is not spoiled to want a good nights sleep while you are on vacation. You will need air cond. or at least a good fan. If your lodging cannot provide consider buying a small plastic electric fan avail in larger grocery or hardware stores, then just leave it at your last stop. I usually am in Europe in summer and it is usually a must for me.

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Just returned from CT and it was the coolest place we stayed. We left the windows open all night and I actually threw the thin blanket over me at one point. The ocean breeze is awesome. We found most of Italy (Rome, Naples, Milan, CT, Florence, and Trevi) to be a lot like ATL except with less humidity. Of course you aren't walking around outside all day in ATL in Aug either. We turned off our AC at home 10 days before we left and it made Italy's weather seem very pleasant!!!

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I was just in CT (July) and the night breezes made sleeping very comfortable. But I am used to not having AC at my home. It is amazing what you can do when you have to. My apartment had no fans and I never thought of buying one - as soon as the sun went down it actually seemed cool and one or two nights the kids actually needed the warmer blankets. I think you will be fine - especially as you are from hotlanta!

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A little tip- avoid cooking in your apartment in the evening or doing anything that generates a lot of heat, and it will be easier to deal with. Some of our students cooked their own dinners and it made their apartments beastly hot for most of the night. Trapping the cool air inside also did help- the way the place was built made that possible.

I had a little battery-powered camping fan that I took with me to Sicily, and it made the stay that much easier! Sometimes a small thing like that can make a huge difference!