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My father in law was born in Fallo, Abruzzo. We go back to Fallo for their Festa as often as we can. My husband goes almost every year. I am going this year too.

This is a gorgeous area - vineyards, olive trees, mountains and ruins. It is rural, and is still "old country".

Why is Abruzzo rarely -- if ever mentioned anywhere? Not that I want to spoil it - just curious if anyone else has "discovered" other areas of unspoiled, "old country" Italy?

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Abruzzo is rarely mentioned bcuz it has historically been a part of the "Mezzogiorno", the South. Italians have long ignored this "peasant" area and other Europeans as well as overseas tourists have tended to concentrate on the glories of the North and Rome.
My grandparents also came from Abruzzo.
Other areas that are seldom visited include Puglia,Calabria,Basilicata and the isles of Sicily and Sardegna.

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Let's just keep the glorious secret then!!!!

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Agree with the above posters. The Brits have begun to visit and live in the area but it is still relatively unknown to American tourists. I have been many times to a small village called Valle San Giovanni near Teramo and it is a magical location.