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A new UNESCO's World Heritage site

The Porticoes of Bologna has been declared today as World Heritage (even if Rick Steve's doesn't like this city).

Candidate since the 2006, Bologna finally has been accepted, after a long and troubling process. This webpage is about the process, but with a very good explanation:

Here the news in Italian:

Is important to say that the style of porticoes affect even other cities in Emilia-Romagna and in general northern Italy. So you find several porticoes even in Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Cesena, Padua (and several towns and villages), by was called "Bologna style" since century.

BTW: has been declared even the Scrovegni's Chapel in Padua World Heritage. Unbelievable hasn't been just on the list since the beginning!

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Thanks for the info. Bologna is on my list of places to visit if I make it to Italy in the Spring. It really looks like a nice city without all the crowds.

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but look what had to go - Liverpool has had its standing stripped from it.

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won't stop me visiting Liverpool, off there next week to visit my sister.

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Why doesn’t Rick Steve’s like Bologna? We loved this historic city with oldest university in Europe. Or does he just omit it?

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I do not understand why UNESCO is wasting time on individual sites in Italy instead of just finally declaring the entire country a World Heritage site (just kidding). ❤ 🇮🇹

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As a huge fan of UNESCO World Heritage Sites-Congratulations Bologna! Another city/region to add to our list.

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Glad to see this. Bologna was on our itinerary for 2020, and it's back on our list for 2022. Good news about the Scrovegni Chapel, as well. What a treasure!

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I don't know why, but the guidebook says that Bologna is not at all charming and totally skippable. I know that a guidebook about Italy cannot include everything and that Bologna isn't Rome or Venice, but define it that way seems at least curious, weird...

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Yes, it's odd. It's as if Rick never made it past the area around the train station.