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A love letter from my Lucca, Italy chef

Here’s the link. I took a cooking class from this chef in 2018. It also includes a video of Florence - eerily quiet.

For those who have been to Lucca, his description along with picturing the Lucca Wall without people walking or riding bikes, socializing was especially sad.

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Thank you for posting this! I will share with friends.

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Jean, this broke my heart, but I am so glad you shared it. I have shared with my daughter who lives in MN and teaches 4th grade and is trying to learn online learning in a mad rush so she and her students can get back to classes. She and I have been lucky enough to travel to Firenze twice together.

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Thanks for sharing this!

I love Lucca! I was there in 2017, and I hope to return in the future...

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hey hey jean
thanks for sharing. have that site saved in my italy folder.
hope you made it back home safely.

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Hello Jean:

I actually teared up with the video.

The letter is so moving and connecting us in many ways.
I have not cancelled a thing and reading how cancellations sting, I am more solid than ever, and I have not wavered.
I LOVE Florence and I love Italy.

Lucca is on my itinerary, and should things be as I hope, come May-June-July-August, I will reach out for a cooking class.

So generous of you to share.

Thank you!

Keep the faith.

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This was lovely to read. Haven't been to Lucca or Florence since 2006. We fondly recall the bike riding, walking and happily getting lost. ;J This inspires us to return. Grazie and Buon Appetito!

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My daughter and I have reservations for Lucca in September. Hoping that we will be able to return.