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A light lunch near the Del Campo in Siena

We're doing a quick day trip up to Siena from Firenze. I have done this before but would love some feedback:

  1. Last time we took the bus up & back and enjoyed the scenery. (beware: this is not a luxury ride) I remember having to be back to the bus stop by 3:00 (or something close) as it was the last bus back to Firenze. Is this still the case with bus service there? I am hoping there is a later time, but I have had trouble finding a current schedule online. I know there is always the train available but is not quite as handy.

  2. We will be seeing as much as possible & wandering, so we'd like to find a convenient 'light lunch' spot not too far from the del campo. I would assume places immediately around there are mainly visited by tourists? (we ate lunch last time at a small place away from that area, & although it was good it was WAY too heavy for lunch + a bus ride) I realize I'm asking for something which goes against the Italian experience, but for this one day I'm afraid it will have to be this way to maximize our time. I see many small wine bars listed so maybe that is the answer? Or a bake shop which also serves a small lunch? Share your favorite spots. *A lunch with locals is always preferable. Grazie!

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We ate some light meals at Bar Pasticceria Nannini. It was lively with a fun atmosphere. Had the pasta of the day in addition to some great coffees and pastries.

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About bus: the local company is called Tiemme and runs a bus from Siena to Florence daily from 6am to 8pm every 20 minutes (more or less...). This is the timetable:
So you can decide to come back even later, not only at 3pm.

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any of the restaurants arrayed around the Campo are fine -- you get the lovely view and the lunches are ok. We have eaten at several of the restaurants and since menus are posted you can see who is offering something you would like and just choose one. This is not grand cuisine but it is fine. And in my memory was not particularly expensive. You will be able to get salads, panini and such and enjoy the space.

Be sure to climb the Torre Mangia
and visit the town hall as well of course as the magnificant Cathedral.

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For something quick, and light, a traditional Italian bar is the answer. They have sandwiches already made. Order and pay at the counter, , and eat standing for the lowest price. Or pay a bit more and take it to a table to sit. Some offer table service as well, for the slowest and moser expensive option.

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With so many places to pick from it is difficult to narrow the list down. We stayed in Siena for Oct. and Nov. of 2019 and found many enjoyable lunch spots near the Campo. Here is a list of just four of them.
- La Prosciutteria (Via Pantaneto 89) for great antipasto ( They appear to have changed their hours due to virus, but maybe they will again open during the lunch hours once the country opens up.
- Piripi (Via dei Rossi 69) for salad or a panini.
- Trombicche (Via Della Terme 66) for great pasta dishes.
- Near the bus stop is Vitti (Via Montanini 16) an outdoor dining area and good food.