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A Daytrip to Rome?

Hey y'all, I'm staying in Venice for 5 days at the end of a choir tour and I really need to go to one of the major music stores, i.s. Ricordi etc.. to purchase some hard to find music. The best place is in Rome. Is it possible or even worth catching the train to Rome and hitting the Ricordi home store there and catching the train back to Venice. Does Ricordi have a store in Milan, or is there an equivalent? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Mer (yes I/m a musician):}

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Wow--dedicated musician to go all the way to Rome for a music store! :-) My sister's a musician too, so I know how it is.

Yes, you can daytrip to Rome from Venice on the train, but it's pretty insane. There appears to be a Ricordi in Florence, which would be a bit better.

I did a search on music stores, Italy and found a post with the following:


L'Allegretto, via Oslavia 44, nr Piazza Mazzini

Rinascita, via Botteghe Oscure 112

Messagerie Musicali, via Del Corso 123

Ricordi, Via DelCorso 506

Ricordi, Via C. Battisti 120

Stereo Sound, via Della Minerva 9/10

Archivo Fonografico, via Le Aventino 59

Discoteca Laziale, via Mamiani 62/A

Hortus Musicus, via Le Liegi 7


Tempo Di La Musica, nr Rialto Bridge (St. Mark's side)

Store on Salizida San Lio? nr Rialto/St. Mark's axis?

Old Ricordi store 'tween St. Mark's & Accademia Bridge?


Ricordi, via Brunelleschi 8r

Music Center, Piazza Duomo 15/a

Dischi Lira, Piazza Duomo 51/r

I'd recommend scouring Venice first. If you strike out, the Eurostar will get you to Florence in about 2.5 hours. It would take 4-5 hours to reach Rome.

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We were never able to find the music stores in Venice last time I was there. The addresses will help.

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Do you mean sheet music or recorded music? If it's sheet music you're looking for, I assume you've checked the Ricordi website.

You might also consider Bologna, a fairly easy train ride from Venice. It's a huge university town and might be a good place to check.

Whatever you're looking for, I suggest emailing first to see if they have it. It wouldn't be a lot of fun to put that much time, effort and money into a failed effort. (Although, you'll be seeing another part of Italy either way.)

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there is no such thing as wasted trip for music. And yes it's sheet music.