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Thanks Eric, what a lovely distraction. One of our favorite twilight strolls as well. Magical.
Edited to add: Thanks to Roberto for another memorable video. Stunning.

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Oh, how I miss Rome.
Thank you!!!

WOW now is the time to film (video) and photograph not only Rome but much of Europe— all the art and architecture “people free”. The various governments don’t have the money for it but if there is a private foundation out there.... a perfect time to send out a photographer (properly protected) out to document.

Oh what I would pay for a private entrance into the Vatican Museum or the Borghese.

Stay safe everyone

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I suggest you open it in Youtube and click the 'gear' icon for the video playback settings and cut the playback speed down to .25, at normal speed it's just too fast, at .25 your eyes have time to drink in all the details of the statues.