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itinerary question

I am planning a trip to Italy in late March, early April. I am flying into Florence and out of Rome. Right now I am torn between staying in Florence and day tripping to hill towns, or staying in a hill town and day tripping to Florence. I am not big on Florence, so I am leaning on staying in a hill town, although everyone I have talked to has loved it. Which would be better?

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It should be cheaper in other toens but then again it IS Tuscany and you will likely not save anything. Your choice ultimately deopends on what you like. If it is scenery, hill towns offer somewhat more. If it is related to cities and conveniences, Florence wins.
One question. If you have already decided that Florence isnt for you, why ask whether you should stay there?

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Kyle, you didn't say how you would be getting around when you're "day tripping"? The transportation times back and forth would be a nuisance for me, so that's likely not an option I would choose.

If you're interested in quiet evenings, then a hill town would be a better option. However, I'd prefer having lots of restaurants and night life for entertainment in the evenings, so would stay in Florence.


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If you stay in a hill town, you have the option of renting a car and seeing much more of Tuscany and even Umbria should you want to see Assisi. For your visit to Florence do not drive. There is absolutely no parking and you need a permit to drive in the historic area. A train or bus is the best way to get there. Once at the main train station, you're within reasonable walking distance of most of the major sights.

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I would suggest Siena. It is an easy train connection from Florence and once there you can enjoy the town at night and explore Chianti by day via a rented car. Great wines, castles and hill top villages to see.

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Below is a quote from something I posted to someone else regarding Siena. I hope you find it useful:

I highly recommend the hotel: Cannon D'oro.

and the eat at Gallo Nero (recommended by a local)

If you add a day then rent a car and go wine tasting in Chianti. One note on wine tasting in Italy: I always find it best to say that you are interested in BUYING some wine and you would like to taste what they offer. Otherwise you will find them to be quite abrupt... quite a different experience from Napa.

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We're not crazy about Florence either so we also stayed in Siena and took the bus to Florence for the day. We like staying at the Albergo Bernini listed in Rick's book. Siena is a lovely city!