$800 R/T Flight to Milan in June

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone uses this method to get deals on Europe: I noticed that a R/T flight from JFK to Milan in June is over $1100. A person can fly to Budapest, Hungary for only $800, and since it has a layover in Milan, can just stay in Milan and not catch the second leg. Is this legit or could a customer be penalized? Also, since it's round-trip, would a person need to go to Budapest to catch the flight home, or can they arrive to catch the flight in Milan during the layover period? For anyone going to Italy in June, this could be a great bargain if it works. I'm going to Rome, but I was thinking I could utilize this flight, and then catch the train which would still save me a few hundred bucks.

Posted by David
Costa Mesa
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It doesnt work. Your return itinerary will be canceled

Posted by Kelly
St Petersburg Florida
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It is unbelievable how expensive it is to fly in summer. I am looking into an Italy trip for end of Nov, coming home early December. Tickets are running $660 from Tampa. It makes me sad that I will never see Europe in bloom, but I will take the cheap fare, low crowds over trees with leaves I guess.

Posted by Monique
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Very interesting!! I knew that there must be some type of way to prevent that, or else everyone would be doing it. Thanks everyone!