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Carry on Bag

I have a question about 2 items and if I can take them on the carry on bag. I have contacts so I use Saline Solution, and I am a manicurist and I usually carry a small tube of nail glue with me. Will either of those be a problem in my carry on? Thanks

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lois, go to the following website: this will give you all the details. you can have anything listed on that site as long as it is under the weight limits and in your one quart plastic baggie. if in doubt, phone your airline ahead of time and ask.

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You will be fine as long as its 3 oz or less and fits in your ziplock baggie. I took a 4 oz bottle of contact solution and had no problems at all. Go to the website listed above it has all the info.

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Why do you think you would need either one of those on the airplane? If you are not checking a bag (to put them in) you can buy either in Europe - they have become very civilized.

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If you really need the solution on the plane, do NOT carry on a bottle larger than 3 ounces. The may pass it as they did our 3.5 ounce deodorants from Atlanta but they may reject them as they did the same deodorants on a return from Detroit this weekend.

The rule is 3 ounces and they may pass 4 but they may not. So if you REALLY NEED IT, don't tempt fate. It is too late once you are at the metal detector unless you want to start all over in the security line.

Oh! I left some stuff in my kit and they never caught it in either direction.

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Thank you all for your help, that website was great. As far as why I would take them in a carry on we all have reasons for taking certain items. That is my preference. again thank you for your help.

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I always carry my nail glue. Put it in the zip lock and you are safe.

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You could probably get by without the saline solution for the duration of the flight. Just carry your contact case filled with saline incase you want to remove your lenses. Don't forget your eye drops, you'll want those. Or wear your glasses just before you board. I like Acuvue Oaysis Disposables. I've tried others but these seem to stay moist longest in the dry Cabin I call my Office.

If you find a good travel size saline solution bottle, keep it and refill it from home. It costs less that way. Same with most travel size products, save the bottle and refill at home from larger club-packs.

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I was pleased to see that Nutrogena came out with an excellent sun screen (UVA/UVB protection) spf30 in a 3 ounce tub recently. It was perfect for my short tropical vacation.

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Empty plastic bottles are available in many places where cosmetics and pharmacy products are sold. They are inexpensive and come in various sizes. Transfer liquids from larger bottles to these small ones and add them to your one-quart liquids ziplock bag. Use a permanent marker to write the name of the contents on the small plastic bottle.

I'm going to do this with sunscreen on my trip to Hawaii.