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Help with Italy Itineray

Hi there, I am planning my long awaited 3 month trip around Europe starting April 2008

I have 11 full nights to see Italy.

I will be in the south of france (nice) before heading to Italy, this is my so far itinerary which i am considering

2 nights venice (from nice-prob o/night train) 3 nights florence/inc day trip to san gimignano/siena 4 nights rome 3 nights sorrento/amalfi coast/day trip to capri

my ques are:

is the above doable? i really want to see the amalfi coast for a few days, is this too out of my way from rome? i was considering 2 days cinque terre instead as its prob easier to get to as after amalfi i need to get to ancona to catch an o/night ferry to split for a week yacht tour, another option i considered is skipping venice and adding those 2 days somewhere, then once i am done with my week on the croatian damatian coast and a few days in slovenia , to head to venice from there for a couple of days. i will have a 2 month rail pass but this expires when i leave italy so i would need to purchase a seperate point to point from slovenia to venice , then from venice to germany. what are your opinions on this?

any help guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks all

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If possible, don't miss the Cinque Terre. We were in Italy for 10 days in September and I have to tell you that the CT was one of the highlights. It was toward the end of our Italy visit and before the night train to Paris, and gave us a few wonderful days to just unwind froom Rome, Florence, Siena, etc. It's an easy train ride from Provence through Genova. Afterward, you can get just about anywhere by train from there.

You might want to choose between Venice and the Amalfi coast as they are quite a distance apart. Besides, once you find out how easy it is to get around over there, you will want to leave something to go back for.

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Vikkie, if I were you I'd go to the Cinque Terre rather than the Amalfi Coast. The CT is closer to where you're going to be in Florence. And you can stop over in Pisa for the obligatory photo at the leaning tower on your way.

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We just returned from 25 days in Italy. You did not say what your thoughts were on your 4 days in Siena and included San Gim~ from Florence. I would suggest doing this from Siena and not take time away from Florence. I might also pare some time from Siena - maybe 1 day and also 1 day from Rome and choose Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Aside from seeing the Colosseum, Vatican and Forum, Rome is dirty, noisy and not as charming as the other cities. We spent 5 days there with a long day trip to Pompeii and when I saw what lies south of Rome I wished I had incorporated at least a 3 night stay in Sorrento.

The CT was lovely and you will probably have better luck than we as it rained the entire three days we were there and the trails were closed for concern of landslides. We visited the other villages via train. We spent 3 nights there and 2 would have been enough. I think I might also choose Sorrento and Amalfi over CT. JMO

Venice I loved and was prepared to hate. It was magical and charming.

These are just my opinions.

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I think your trip is very doable. Enjoy it!

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thanks so much for all the responses
i will definetely be taking some great info into consideration,
im getting so excited, bring on march 08 :)