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Help with Train Travel

I am planning a honeymoon and want to know what the best route is for transportation within Italy. I am 99% sure that I want to take a train. Our travel include from Rome to Assisi, Assisi to Padua, and Padua back to Rome. We are both under 26 so I researched the Italy YouthPass. The cost for a youthpass is 164 dollars. Then I researched the trains individually and came up with 163 dollars. Is this possible? Is this possible? I thought the passes were suppose to be big discounts. Is it better to buy tickets individually or with passes?

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We purchased all our train tickets on line before we left on our trip to Italy. We found this was cheaper than a rail pass.

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I agree with the above posts, buy train tickets point to point. I have bought online and at the train station. I can't say I prefer one way over the other, except, in very busy train stations like Venice, buying in advance could be a time saver. I think riding the train is part of the experience of traveling to Italy, I would strongly recommend it. I always meet interesting people on the train, locals and other travelers. To rent a car would be very expensive under 25, and especially for just 2 people. I think the train is your best option.

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For your itinerary, point-to-point tickets would be less expensive. Very easy to purchase in the train station just before travel. While in Padova (Padua), I hope you get a chance to day-trip into Venice. You're only 40 minutes away by train from Padova (Padua)

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Buy point-to-point tickets at the station. Using the machines is very easy and just make sure to validate the ticket in the yellow machine before getting on the train. We've been to Europe several times and have never found the need to buy a rail pass.

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Rick says that passes are not worth it in Italy.

And I agree about not only buying point to point but Italy has "Amica" fares which save about 20%. You have to purchase them at least 24 hours ahead and they are limited in number so may not be available.
Upon arrival in a city, if you know when you will be leaving, check and see if an Amica fare is available for your outgoing trip before you leave the station. If so, buy it. If not, you may want to just wait until you are ready to leave as like most other advance purchase fares, there are change penalties.

Note that a first class Amica fare might not be available on a particular train but a second class one might.

Don't know if you are going first class but:
Eurostar Italia trains are nice even in second class so you might think about going second class for trips on those trains. They are more expensive than ICPlus or Regional trains.
For short trips (one hour or less), generally second class is just fine.

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Stay flexible, my young friend, and buy train tickets as you need them. You may choose to linger in a particular locale for an extra day to create a lifelong memory. Have a great trip!