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Eurail Pass

How do you book trains in advance while using the Eurail Pass? I bought a month unlimited global pass but I do not understand how to book trains in advance. I was told I would have to just go on the train and present my pass and if it was booked I was out of luck. I am travelling extensively and sort of on a timeframe due to hostel bookings and so on. Please help!

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If you haven't read the railpass section on this site, now would be a good time to do so. Here's the URL for a page in that section that gives information about making reservations when you have a railpass: For more good information, read the railpass section at

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My method- As soon as I know my travel plans I go to the ticket window in the city I'm in and make my reservations for the trains that require reservations- many times I do this before I leave the train station the day I arrive (i.e. arrive Venice- make reservation for Florence on fast train...) Not all trains need reservations. A lot of times you just hop on the train and go. Look at the railpass guide you get with your passes and check out the sites mentioned by Tim to help figure out what the train schedules are and what kinds of trains go between your destinations. Many times there are faster trains (reservations) and slower trains (more stops/connections/no reservation needed) to the same destination.